Om Løpeshop

The Danish version of took its first running step back in 2005. It was at that time the founder and current CEO, Jonas Mørkøre Andersen, saw the opportunity for selling running shoes on the web. He wanted to partly because he had spent tons of hours in his parents’ sporting goods store in Hadsten, Denmark, to make a bit of money as a youth. But Jonas was rather focused on online trade – and it luckily proved possible, as the goods were selling at great speed. Before long, became a family business where each task was distributed among the three siblings, mom, and dad.

Today, continues to be owned and run by the Andersen family. Our headquarters and storehouse are still located in Hadsten, outside of the Danish city Aarhus. But the backroom of the parents’ sporting goods store – where Jonas started it all – has now been replaced by the earlier wheel-producing factory of the town. After thoroughly renovating the factory, it now houses 35 excellent coworkers. The range of goods has also changed over time, so that it no longer exclusively offers running shoes but rather EVERYTHING one could need for RUNNING.


- We believe in what is good about running

To “run” is perhaps a small word – but we at value it greatly. We of course believe that running is in itself a cool sport and a great exercise that even provides you with fresh air and some extra time for your thoughts. But we know that running is much more than a physical exercise – it is both a social gathering point and about the individual’s performance and personal development. Running is good for you. Running is fun. That is why we want to motivate as many as possible to get out there in their running shoes. We believe that everyone can and should experience what is good about running.


We are ready to help!

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Phone: +45 86983614